Adobe File Sync Discontinuation

On October 1st, 2024, Adobe will discontinue their file-sync service for ALL accounts including Business ID, Enterprise ID, and Federated ID accounts (this means all VCU end-users with a Managed Enterprise Account (Federated ID) will be impacted as well). More details about this service discontinuation will be shared as October 1st, 2024 approaches.

This change is being implemented solely by Adobe. The VCU Instructional Computing Services team has no control over the decision to discontinue this service offering and is not involved in the implementation of data deletion from Adobe's servers. 

Whether or not you intend to use Adobe's cloud-based file syncing functionality with your Managed Enterprise Account (Federated ID), you should determine if you have any data stored within Adobe's cloud platform before this date and take steps to backup/migrate your data elsewhere.

For guidance/instructions to backup, migrate, export, download, and/or copy all of your assets, files, websites, shared documents, fonts, libraries, and other elements that may be currently stored on Adobe's cloud storage platforms please review the VCU Adobe Asset Backup/Migration Guide at