Adobe Cloud Access

Within Adobe's cloud environment, Managed Enterprise Accounts (Federated IDs) are configured depending on eligibility for access to certain services, features, and functions. Below you will find a breakdown of which services are available to everyone at VCU, which are considered accessible only by "unrestricted" accounts, as well as a list of services, features, and functions that are unavailable for ALL VCU Adobe accounts.

If you need to request access to Adobe cloud-based services, apps, and other resources for use with your Managed Enterprise Account (Federated ID) tied to your VCU email address, please complete the VCU Adobe License Request/Upgrade Form by visiting You will be required to sign in to your VCU Google Workspace account to complete this form. This form can ONLY be submitted by individual non-student employees. The form cannot be completed on behalf of another person.

VCU Health (hospital) employees and other individual who are considered "affiliates" must first activate their VCU Google Workspace account by reaching out to the VCU Collaboration Services team at Approval by your supervisor may be required. If you do not have a VCU Google Workspace account, you are not eligible for an Adobe software license under VCU's Adobe Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA). 

If you have questions about why these elements have been restricted, please refer to the explanations for each service and if you're still not sure, reach out to us by emailing or submit a ticket at under the Teaching & Learning > Instructional Resources > Adobe Software > Ask a question category.