Integrity & Security

Since June 2019, VCU's Adobe Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA) has provided both students and employees with access to a range of Adobe apps, services, functions, and features. As part of our commitment to information security standards and objectives that help VCU remain compliant with directives from state and federal policies, access to some apps, services, functions, and features have been limited. 

To learn more about VCU's approach to security for our Adobe ecosystem, we recommend that all students and employees use the links below to better understand how access to Adobe software is provisioned and the differences between restricted and unrestricted account types. 

If you have questions about any of the information here, please reach out to us at or submit a ticket at under the Teaching & Learning > Instructional Resources > Adobe Software > Ask a question category. 

Upcoming Changes

Listed below are some upcoming changes with how the VCU Adobe Enterprise environment is configured. These changes may impact ALL VCU users so it is important to read and understand the timeframe for each change and what action end-users may need to take to ensure that impact can be minimized or avoided altogether. 

Adobe Account Types

Adobe utilizes several different types of accounts to distinguish between personal accounts (owned by end-users) and business/enterprise accounts (owned by the organization). These account types have some differences and in some cases limitations to specific apps, services, functions, and features depending on a variety of factors. Below, are descriptions of the two account types VCU end-users should familiarize themselves with to better understand how Adobe software licensing is managed under the VCU Adobe Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA).