Adobe Domain Enforcement

The VCU Instructional Computing Services team (the team that manages Adobe software at VCU) has identified a new set of environmental settings available to some Adobe Enterprise customers which enables the ability to enforce restrictions for account creation under specific email domains.

These new settings provide the ability to directly restrict the use of an email address under a linked domain (,,, and from creating an Unmanaged Personal Account (Adobe ID). To ensure compliance with our Adobe Enterprise Agreement and ease some challenges experienced by VCU end-users over the last several years, the VCU Instructional Computing Services team will roll out these settings in a phased approach as described by the timeline below. 

We've also provided a list of questions and answers for end-users who may have different levels of access to Adobe software at VCU based on their job role, student status, and other factors starting with a definition to help everyone understand; what is an Unmanaged Personal Account (Adobe ID) and how is it different from a Managed Enterprise Account (Federated ID)?

Help! I can't sign in!

With the most recent Adobe Domain Enforcement change that was enabled on June 10th, 2024, the VCU Instructional Computing Services team has received several reports from departmental IT support teams that some users have experienced issues signing-in to the Creative Cloud Desktop App with their VCU email address using their Managed Enterprise Account (Federated ID). 

If you see any of these error messages (see screenshots below in the "Sign-In Errors" accordion), please exit and quit ALL Adobe applications including the Creative Cloud Desktop App (if applicable) on your computer, restart/reboot your computer, and try signing-in again. 

If you're still experiencing issues after following the process described above (exit and quit all Adobe apps, reboot, sign-in again), please reach out to use by submitting a ticket at under the Teaching & Learning > Instructional Resources > Adobe Software category. If you are a VCU employee the VCU Instructional Computing Services team will route your ticket to your departmental IT support team where appropriate. 

Adobe Account Types

Adobe utilizes several different types of accounts to distinguish between personal accounts (owned by end-users) and business/enterprise accounts (owned by the organization). These account types have some differences and in some cases limitations to specific apps, services, functions, and features depending on a variety of factors. Below, are descriptions of the two account types VCU end-users should familiarize themselves with to better understand how Adobe software licensing is managed under the VCU Adobe Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA). 

We've also included a table to show how these accounts will be impacted before and after the domain enforcement settings have been implemented. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about the Adobe Domain Enforcement policy at VCU that pertain to ALL VCU students and employees (including affiliates). 

Frequently Asked Questions for VCU Health Employees

Below are additional questions that pertain only to VCU Health employees who may be affiliated with a VCU Academic/Business unit and/or who may be currently-enrolled in at least one credit-bearing course as a VCU student.