Personally-Owned Devices

The quickest method to install Adobe Creative Cloud on your personally-owned computer is to use this link which will download the online installer for the operating system installed on your computer (either macOS or Windows). If you are using a slow or metered internet connection (like a 5G/LTE mobile hotspot) please see the link below to download the complete offline Adobe Creative Cloud installer.

If you need to use the complete offline Adobe Creative Cloud installer for your device, visit this Adobe HelpX article. Within this article, specific links are provided for Windows and macOS computers. This installation method provides a similar experience as the online installer, but only uses local installation files instead of downloading them on-the-fly.

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro and Creative Cloud license holders may install the software on multiple computers, including your personal computer(s) and mobile device(s) such as smartphones and tablets, however, applications may be only be used on one computer at a time.
  • If you are attempting to sign-in to a second or third device concurrently, you must log out on one of the other devices first.
  • This is a limitation imposed by Adobe for ALL customers, and not a VCU specific restriction. 

University-Owned Devices

  • Please contact your department's technical personnel.
  • IT personnel can find Adobe Creative Cloud information in the TUG wiki. If needed, they should submit a request for access to the wiki.