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Creative Cloud Student License: A three month subscription is now available.  Any of these heavily discounted student subsciptions may be purchased by enrolled VCU students.

  •   $7 - Summer Semester Creative Cloud license
  • $15 - Fall Semester Creative Cloud license
  • $15 - Spring Semester Creative Cloud license

STUDENTS - visit and sign-in with your VCU eID to purchase an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Note: Adobe Creative Cloud may be installed on mulitple computers and used on two devices at the same time. You must use your VCU login to access Creative Cloud.

 New student prices.


Step 1 - Visit

Step 2 - Enter your VCU eID and password

Step 3 - Add Creative Cloud to your cart and process payment


Step 4 - Click Install from your subscription email

Step 5 - Sign in with your VCU email account ( Do NOT use

Step 6 - Select Company or School option and Login with your VCU eID and password.

Questions: Check out the Adobe FAQs

Already have a license purchased through Adobe - Adobe Store subscriptions may be canceled without incurring termination fees. Contact the IT Support Center to receive instructions on how to terminate your Adobe contract. Afterward, you can purchase a new license at the discounted price. 


  1. Student must be actively enrolled as a part-time or full-time student at the university in good standing. Primary affiliations of "former student", "accepted" (without also being actively enrolled), and "alumni" are not eligible to purchase a subscription.
  2. Student must agree to all terms and conditions of sale.
    • Upon separation from the university, your access may be removed, and further renewal privileges of any active subscription may be revoked.
    • No refunds will be provided.

Questions and Assistance

For assistance with your license purchase, please contact OnTheHub support.  For information about licensing guidelines: VCU Adobe Student Terms and Conditions. If you are having other issues, please review the VCU Adobe FAQs or contact the IT Support Center.



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The Adobe “How To” Guide created in Adobe Spark will guide you through the applications listed below and provides links to the tutorials. Explore the use of Adobe Creative Cloud and begin to create. 

  • Premiere Rush - create videos
  • Adobe XD - design and prototype apps
  • Photoshop - enhance images
  • Illustrator - create graphics
  • InDesign - page design and layout
  • Spark - create visual stories
  • Behance Portfolio - show your work


  • Strengthen creativity and problem solving abilities. Learn to think critically about design and mechanics of a solution.
  • Develop collaboration skills by working with peers to create functional designs.
  • Unlike papers that are filed away, digital projects allow student work to be shared with others.
  • Explore new concepts through prototyping and storyboarding.
  • Discover how to connect with audiences, instructors and classmates using multimodal sensory immersion techniques--creating a seamless combination of sight, motion, sound, voices, music, and more.
  • Adobe provides career-relevant digital tools so that students across all disciplines can actively participate in the classroom and graduate with digital skills for the workplace.


Digital Sound

  • Voices, speeches, interviews, and other audio recordings provide a virtual sense of closeness and immediacy.
  • Audio recordings can be precisely edited, controlled, and manipulated to create unique productions referred to as radio essays.
  • Podcasting - tell a story

Visual Representations

  • Photo essays - use a series of photographs to tell a story and evoke emotions from viewers.
  • Photojournalism - tell a story with photos.
  • Marketing strategies - create unique designs and branding for a company or product.
  • Storyboarding - plan each phase of your project visually; view the big picture, fill in details, and improve production time.

Demonstration of Knowledge, Skills and Collaboration

  • Game design - develop creative, functional designs that can be used for entertainment and/or educational purposes.
  • Design visual representations with a sequence of Photoshop projects that align with the concepts explored in class. (ecosystems, evolution, DNA, mathematical, etc.)
  • Explore new concepts and ideas by designing a prototype and use it to experiment and improve before creating the final product.
  • Create a claymation video to demonstrate or explain a concept (human circulatory system, photosynthesis, globalization, etc.)
  • Create a web-based portfolio to showcase your creative work.



VCU hosted an Adobe JAM event where students from 49 different majors worked on a tablet app challenge in Adobe XD to help support parent balance working and schooling from home during the pandemic, a relevant challenge with a much needed solution.

Winning Teams:

  • 1st place: House Bottled, with their app Bibme.
  • 2nd place: LexLoJae, with their app HomeTeam.
  • 3rd place: Idle Minds, with their app Loop.

Finalist teams:

VCU Adobe JAM Replays:

Adobe Top Talent Award Winner

2019 VCU Communication Arts graduate and Adobe Top Talent award winner, Mary Metzger used Adobe to design a student magazine highlighting the impact of invisible chronic illnesses.  Click the images below to view Mary's portfolio and award-winning project.


Mary was featured on VCU's website for her role as part of a team of VCU students participating in a Product Innovation course. This diverse team included students with specialized expertise from across the university. Together they created a pharmacy cart prototype and presented it to da Vinci mentors and hospital pharmacy staff. Read more about their innovative work at

Invited by Adobe to attend the annual Adobe MAX conference in California, Mary eagerly accepted. While attending the conference she was interviewed by Adobe representatives, connected with peers and professionals, while expanding her innovative skills and future opportunities.

           Photograph courtesy of Ling Luo                                                        

Watch for more creativity from Mary around campus as she shares her experience and best practices. Beginning in Spring 2020, using Adobe MyPorfolio, Mary will present ePortfolio demonstrations and best practices for first year students in the VCU Art foundation program

VCU College of Health Professions student, Kaitlyn Stubblebine developed an intriguing ultrasound portfolio using Adobe Spark and submitted it for one of her class projects.

Click the image below to view Kaitlyn's creative project.

In September 2019, a group of VCU students (Team Nautilab) joined the Adobe/IBM Creative Jam online and submitted their app prototype for a chance to win. Take a look at their Climate Impact on Fisheries app.  

Emily Mustian. a student in Fashion Design and Merchandising at VCU, prepared a presentation using Adode Spark and Photoshop. Click here to view the Adobe Spark presentation.

Keenan Ferguson, a student in Frashion Design and Merchandising at VCU, prepared a presentation on Modern Menswear and Sustainability using Adobe Spark and Illustrator. Click here to view the Spark presentation.

Check out the Adobe “How To” Guide created in Adobe Spark that guides you through use of applications. 

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