After Installation, Free Trial Only Message

If you have installed the Adobe Creative Cloud app and only see the Free Trial version displayed, you may still be signed-in to one or more Adobe applications using a personal Adobe ID. Closing the application does NOT log you out of the Adobe application. Open one Adobe application, go to Help and select Sign Out. You must Sign Out of all your Adobe applications and then log in using your VCU eID. If you are prompted further with a choice of two options, select the "Company or School" option. In the Creative Cloud Desktop Application, all apps should be listed with buttons displaying either "Open" or "Install" next them, if you are signed-in using your VCU eID and have a named-user license or subscription purchased through the OnTheHub web store. 

If you are still seeing messages or a button displaying "trial" next to the apps in the Creative Cloud Desktop Application, we recommend signing-out of all your applications and uninstall all the Adobe applications on your computer. Go to and select the second installation choice, “How to download Creative Cloud desktop app using direct download links” and select the Windows or Mac download. You need to extract the zip file and run the installer located in the "Build" folder.  This option will install all the applications on your computer and will prompt you to sign-in with your Enterprise ID. Use you VCU eID and if prompted further, choose the "Enterprise ID" option. You should now see all Adobe Creative Cloud apps listed with buttons that display either "Open" or "Install".

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