Access Denied to Files Stored with Adobe 

All VCU employees who request a license for Adobe Creative Cloud Software (this includes Acrobat-Only requests) will be automatically placed in a 0GB entitlement which restricts access to Adobe’s Cloud Services and removes all Creative Cloud Enterprise Storage access. This decision was made by the Information Security Office to comply with university policies and reduce the risk of data exposure. VCU teaching faculty and staff who directly interface with students in a course or other teaching/learning capacity may be granted access to Adobe Creative Cloud storage and services by request only. Each request will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the VCU Adobe Enterprise Administration Team and the Information Security Office. More details below.

  1. Teaching faculty and staff who would like to request access to Adobe Creative Cloud storage and services may do so but submitting an application at this link:
  2. According to the Higher Education Cloud Vender Assessment Tool, Adobe’s response to the question clearly provides an answer to uploading content to the Creative Cloud Enterprise storage service. See quote below. Beyond this quote, the Information Security Office has determined that use of Adobe’s Creative Cloud storage and cloud services is not an acceptable risk for most end-users and therefore must evaluate each request for access to cloud storage and services on a case-by-case basis.
  3. “Content created with CCE should be classified as public or soon-to-be-public creative materials. PII, PHI, sensitive or confidential information should never be placed in CCE.”
  4. Public or “soon-to-be-public” data is considered Category 3 information by the VCU Data Classification Standard.
    • All non-proprietary data that is considered publicly available for unrestricted use and disclosure, where if lost or illegitimately modified, these data will generate no negative impacts to individual departments, schools, colleges, or the institution as a whole. Such information is available to all members of the university community and to all individuals and entities external to the University community. Such data can make up public website information, public press release, public marketing information, directory information, and public research information. (Public Data/Information).
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