Student Subscriptions for Adobe Creative Cloud

VCU Adobe Creative Cloud licenses are now included as part of the student software bundle for all currently-enrolled* VCU students!

To get access to the Adobe Creative Cloud student subscription, students will need to claim a one year subscription through VCU's OnTheHub portal at

All subscriptions expire on May 31st, 2023. Students will need to resubscribe each year once their existing subscription expires.

Students should read the following information before claiming a license.

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IMPORTANT: Students at VCU should NEVER purchase an Adobe Creative Cloud or other Adobe software license either directly through the website OR through the Barnes & Noble ThinkEDU website. These sites do NOT offer the same specialized offering exclusively for VCU students. 

If you are presented with a "Trial/Buy Now" button or screen within ANY Adobe app or on ANY Adobe website, please submit a ticket at under the Teaching & Learning > Instructional Resources > Adobe Software section. You may not be fully-signed in to your VCU Adobe account, or you may be experiencing a known issue with Adobe Enterprise licenses that causes this message to be displayed incorrectly.

If you have a VCU Adobe account, you will NEVER need to provide your credit/debit card info directly to Adobe. VCU uses a third-party platform that allows us to offer access to Adobe Creative Cloud exclusively for VCU students. 

* Additional Terms and Conditions

"Currently-enrolled" is defined as any VCU student who is enrolled in at least one credit-bearing course for the current academic term/semester.

  • Active VCU employees who are also currently-enrolled in at least one credit-bearing course at VCU and who maintain an active affiliation of "student" in addition to their employee affiliation of "employee", "faculty", or "affiliate" are also eligible for a student subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud.  Employees who take classes and meet this definition of eligibility should first complete the Adobe Cloud Access request form to agree to additional terms and conditions regarding access to Adobe Cloud resources. All requests from VCU employees for Adobe Cloud access will be reviewed within 10 business days by Academic Technologies and the Information Security Office. Some employees who work for a restricted business unit will not be eligible for access to Adobe Cloud resources and will need to be placed in a restricted offering but still remain eligible for a student subscription. Eligible VCU employees who are also currently-enrolled as a VCU student will be provided instructions via email on how to take advantage of the Adobe Creative Cloud student subscription offering.
  • Students who are no longer eligible will be automatically removed from their student subscription and notified of their eligibility status change via email. This is to ensure VCU remains compliant with the terms and conditions of the Adobe Enterprise Term License Agreement.
  • To use any "shared device computer" in a computer lab, classroom, or other academic spaces including devices such as loaner laptops, all VCU students who are eligible will need to claim a student subscription at and sign-in using their VCU Adobe account. 

Additional details:

  • Creative Cloud may be installed on multiple computers but only used on one computer at a time.
  • You must use your VCU eID to sign-in to access Creative Cloud apps and features.
  • If you already have a license purchased through Adobe, these subscriptions may be canceled without incurring termination fees. Contact the VCU IT Support Center at 804-828-2227 to receive instructions on how to terminate your personal Adobe license agreement. Afterward, you can obtain a new license through VCU's enterprise agreement at
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