Terminate an Employee Adobe License

Terminate a Named-User License

  • Business unit Adobe liaisons must use the Adobe License Termination request form for each employee Adobe license that wish to terminate. 
  • This form requires that you select a date no more than 30 days before the current date. 
  • Future date termination requests are not allowed and will be automatically denied within the form itself as an invalid request. If you specify a future date, you will have to start the form over. 
  • To use this form, you must be listed as a business unit Adobe liaison and you must be signed-in to your VCU Google account using your VCU eID. If you are not currently listed as a liaison, please check with your current business unit Adobe liaisons (list here) if you believe you should have access to the license request and termination forms. 
  • Each VCU major business unit is permitted to have up to 4 individuals who have access to the license request and termination forms. 
    • Primary Technical Liaison
    • Backup Technical Liaison
    • Primary Fiscal/Administrative Liaison
    • Backup Fiscal/Administrative Liaison
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