Get an Employee Adobe License

  • VCU employees will need to reach out to their business unit's Adobe liaisons for requesting an employee Adobe license. For a list of business unit Adobe liaisons, click here.
  • Business unit Adobe liaisons will need to complete and submit an Adobe License request form for each employee they wish to request a license on behalf of.
  • Access to Adobe Fonts is included with ALL employee Adobe licenses and does NOT require Adobe Cloud access any longer. 
  • For access to Adobe Cloud storage, apps, tools, and other features, eligible end-users must request Adobe Cloud access using the Adobe Cloud Access request form. Business unit Adobe liaisons may NOT request Adobe Cloud access on behalf of end-users. Each end-user who wishes to gain Adobe Cloud access MUST complete this form after their initial license request has been fulfilled. 
  • For employees to gain Adobe Cloud access, they must meet certain eligibility requirements. In addition to agreeing to not store any data that is not considered category 3 (public or soon to be public) according to the VCU Data Classification Standards, these terms also stipulate that any VCU employee end-user must belong to ONLY an unrestricted business unit at VCU, AND must already be entitled with an Adobe Creative Cloud license. 
  • Requests for Adobe Cloud access can take up to 10 business days to process. 
  • The MCV campus and high risk business units on the Monroe Park campus may be denied access to Adobe Cloud storage due to IT Security concerns. Please contact IT Security Office if you have any questions by emailing
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