About Creative Cloud Employee Licenses

VCU currently offers three options for employees to gain access to Adobe software. These are outlined below with relevant information provided for each type of license entitlement.

If you have questions about any of the information provided here, please submit a VCU help request ticket at https://itsupport.vcu.edu (Select the Teaching & Learning > Instructional Resources > Adobe Software category and select the "Ask a question" option.)

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Named-User Licenses

  • Adobe Creative Cloud - $192 per person annually (prorated daily)
    The Adobe Creative Cloud license includes ALL Adobe Creative Cloud desktop apps by default.
    • To gain access to the Adobe Creative Cloud license, non-Student VCU Employees must first complete the VCU Adobe Cloud Access Request form to upgrade their license at https://go.vcu.edu/adobe/cloudaccess.

    • In addition to the desktop apps included with the Adobe Creative Cloud license, non-student VCU employees of unrestricted business units may also gain access to additional tools and features under the CC Express license (this is separate add-on license) such as Adobe Portfolio, Behance, Spark Pages and Spark Video, and other Adobe cloud tools.

    • Business unit Adobe liaisons cannot request the Adobe Creative Cloud license OR Adobe Cloud access on behalf of their end-users. Each eligible end-user must request the upgraded license AND cloud access using the form themselves. 

  • Adobe Acrobat DC - $9 person annually (not prorated)
    Under VCU's new bulk-agreement, all eligible non-student VCU employees in ALL VCU business units receive access to Adobe Acrobat Pro automatically.  
    • Every Monday and Thursday we process new non-student VCU employees who are eligible by affiliation/job code: Faculty & Adjunct Faculty as well as Classified & UAP Staff. 

    • Hourly, Exempt-Temp-Salaried, Post-Doc, and Affiliate employees will never automatically receive an Adobe Acrobat Pro or Creative Cloud license even if they are also a student. However, they may manually request an Adobe Acrobat Pro or Creative Cloud license using the VCU Adobe Cloud Access Request form located at https://go.vcu.edu/adobe/cloudaccess.

    • End-users who have an Adobe Acrobat Pro only license may request an upgrade completing the VCU Adobe Cloud Access Request Form at https://go.vcu.edu/adobe/cloudaccess

    • Current pricing for the bulk-agreement Adobe Acrobat DC Pro is set at $9 per person per year (not prorated) for the billing cycle ending on May 31st, 2024. This pricing will be reset and reassessed in May 2024 during the annual billing process. 
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Additional Information

  • Each "named-user license" is assigned to a real person by their unique VCU eID. 

  • Requests for a named-user license to be assigned to any type of generic account will be ignored. Use of generic accounts with the named-user license is strictly prohibited under the terms and conditions of the Adobe Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA). Product Specific Licensing Terms for the VCU Adobe ETLA may be viewed at https://go.vcu.edu/adobe/pslt/ccdc.
  • The named-user license account holder may install the software on multiple computers. The software can be actively used only on one computer at a time. When signing-in to a third computer, end-users will be prompted to sign-out of one of the previous two active computers. 

  • An active, uninterrupted internet connection is required to activate the license and use many features of the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app.

  • All new eligible non-student VCU employee Adobe accounts will initially be provisioned with only the Adobe Acrobat Pro named-user licenses. Employees may request an upgrade AND access to Adobe Cloud resources simultaneously by completing the VCU Adobe Cloud Access Request form located at https://go.vcu.edu/adobe/cloudaccess.

  • Hourly/Wage employees are NOT considered the same job code/classification used as Student-Workers and Graduate Assistants. Job codes for SW (student-worker) and GA/G9 (graduate assistant) automatically receive a student Adobe Creative Cloud license as long as they are currently-enrolled in at least one credit-bearing course for the current academic term/semester.

  • VCU Health / Hospital employees, regardless of current enrollment status as a VCU student will ONLY be provided access to Adobe software with a restricted Adobe Creative Cloud license which limits access to Adobe cloud storage and services. 

  • New non-student VCU employees who need an Adobe license should complete the VCU Adobe Cloud Access Request form. 

  • For more information, please visit: https://go.vcu.edu/adobe/enterprise-agreement.
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