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Troubleshooting Videos for Login and Installation Issues
What if I still have questions?


Adobe Creative Cloud red logo icon Please note that Adobe has changed how Shared Device licenses are configured and shared in an educational environment, which differs from previous VIP procedures.  Additional information can be found in the FAQs below.

Help! I need access to Adobe software and I don't have an account. How do I request a license?
What is a Shared Device License?
Help! I can't install any Adobe software on my institutionally-owned device(s)
Help! I can't install any Adobe software on my personally-owned device(s).
Help! I installed the Adobe Creative Cloud app and I only see the Free Trial version displayed.
Do I have to use my VCU eID to sign-in to and Adobe Creative Cloud desktop applications? What if I’m a hospital employee or my primary email address ends in What if I don’t have a VCU eID?
When I sign-in at using my VCU email address (, I'm given two options to choose from. Which one do I select?
I am a VCU student, faculty, or staff member with a personal Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. How do I cancel this subscription and purchase a new subscription through VCU’s Enterprise Term License Agreement with Adobe?
Help! I can’t access my files I had stored with Adobe! Why do I get a message that says “Access Denied” when I try to use Adobe Fonts and other Adobe Cloud services?
How can I access Adobe Fonts?
When I try to share files with another user, I receive an error message.
When I try to launch Lightroom, I receive an error message that states "Your organization's account does not include Adobe cloud storage, which is required to use Lightroom" or "Access Denied". Why doesn't this application work?
Why am I being asked to "sign out of all other devices" when I use a shared device like a podium or lab computer?
Can I use Adobe Sign instead of DocuSign?
Will Adobe Creative Cloud work on MAC OS 10.15?


I am currently a Unit Liaison. Is there any way for me to package and deploy software on my own?
I am currently a Unit Liaison. Why can't I have access to manage my licenses within the new Adobe Enterprise console?